Photo by: Tomas Nilsén

Photo by: Tomas Nilsén

Sami Rocklynn

I´m a 37 year old songwriter/audio wizard from Luleå northern Sweden. I have been playing music in bands, writing and recording songs since the 90´s. (Seveninch Superstars, Inja, Frostlit, In Effect, H.Ä.L. & Several other projects)

I´m proficient in Cubase since 2003, Wwise (School of Video Game Audio 2013) and professional mixing and songwriting.

I can work with any genre and create custom audio for your needs.
Game audio, music, sfx, voice over, remix etc.

My audio work on Unity 3D Asset store for game developers:!/search/page=1/sortby=popularity/query=publisher:5378

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My portfolio on Soundcloud:

Appstore Arcade Ternin Game Review:
"Audio 8/10" Music, Voice and SFX produced by me.